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Frequently Asked Questions


Which products are best for dry skin?

For the Body
Our Skin Repairing Lotion, Repairing Hand CreamOrganic Body Butter and Chakra Body Bath and Massage Oils.

For the Face 
Our Nourishing Night CreamHyaluronic Moisture Lock Serum (on damp skin with serum or night cream over it).

What products are good for psoriasis or eczema?

For the Body
Our Skin Repairing BalmSkin Repairing Lotion and Repairing Hand Cream.

For the Face
Our women's Hydrating Moisturiser or men's Hydrating Moisturiser


Best products for acne?

Our Powder to Foam Cleanser, Gentle Facial Exfoliant and our Naturaly Glowing Face Masks.  Followed by our women's Hydrating Moisturiser or men's Hydrating MoisturiserNourishing Night Cream.


What's the best anti-aging products and for wrinkles?

Our Antioxidant Skin Serum, Moisture Lock Serum with hyaluronic acid Nourishing Night Cream, and Nourish Eye & Lip Serum.

What's the best skincare routine for looking after your skin properly?

Morning Routine 
Our Organic Cleansing Balm, Refreshing Skin Tonicwomen's Hydrating Moisturiser or men's Hydrating Moisturiser.

Nightime Routine 
Our Organic Cleansing BalmRefreshing Skin TonicMoisture Lock Serum, either
Antioxidant Skin Serum or Nourishing Night Cream,
Once a Week
Our Gentle Facial Exfoliant

Once a Week or Bi-Monthly 
Choose one of our Naturaly Glowing Face Masks (Rose & Oat or Green Clay & Vitamin B3.


Should I exfoliate and how often?

By sloughing off dead skin cells and other debris that accumulates on your face, exfoliating makes your skin look healthier, brighter and more youthful.
Over time, it can also increase the production of collagen, which decreases as you get older. Collagen is a protein naturally found in the skin that keeps it looking firm. If your skin has age spots from sun damage, exfoliating regularly can make them less noticeable. And if you have acne, skin exfoliation can help reduce breakouts. Exfoliation helps keep pores clear.

We use powder bamboo exfoliant in our gentle exfoliating cream, which effectively exfoliates the surface layer of the skin to reveal renewed, refreshed, and younger-looking skin. It's generally recommended to exfoliate your face once a week. This is a gentle exfoliant and safe to use more regularly if needed.


Will balm or oil based products make my skin very oily?

There are a variety of skin nourishing and healing carrier oils which are very helpful for balancing the skin. A good quality carrier oil should penetrate easily through the top layer of the skin, the epidermis, and work its magic below. The likes of jojoba oil for example mimics sebum so it's extremely similar in consistency to your own skin's natural oils and is helpful to balance the pH of the skin so it's good for oily or dry skin. It helps to dissolve sebum on oily skin and helps to promote sebum production for dry skin.  The oils we use in our products penetrate the skin well and don't sit on top.