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Natural Skincare from Josie’s Botanicals


Using Nature to Nurture

Natural Skincare from Josie’s Botanicals

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Repairing & Healing

Natural Skincare from Josie’s Botanicals

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Good for your skin, good for the planet

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Natural Skincare from Josie’s Botanicals

Holistic natural skincare - free from chemicals and synthetics chemicals, packed with natural plant components - maximum benefit to your skin in the most natural way.

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New To our range!

Moisture Lock Serum
Moisture Lock Serum
Moisture Lock Serum

Moisture Lock Serum

Lightweight and luxurious, our Moisture Lock Serum contains hyaluronic acid; an all-star skincare ingredient, which works incredibly to retain moisture within the skin and fight off signs of aging. 

As well as beautiful floral hydrsols, cucumber glycerol and vitamin B3, this is a true anti-aging superpower. Due to its high-quality synthetic-free ingredients packed with antioxidants, the anti-aging effects will be fast and effective with long lasting benefits, providing superior hydration and delivering an instant skin-plumping and firming effect to the skin.



Why Josie's Botanicals?

100% natural

We pack the purest natural plant components, in the highest level of concentration to give your skin maximum benefits in the most natural way. Results-driven skincare without a single artificial chemical.

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Visible results

Our potent formulations are carefully designed to deliver maximum results. We marry nature with science to create a range of safe, natural and highly effective skincare.

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Zero harm

Our skincare products are 100% plant-based, free from synthetic chemicals - tested on humans, never no animals. Our packaging is mostly glass, eco-friendly and recyclable.

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Our Recycling Policy

We strive to stay as sustainable as we can - no harmful chemicals for your skin, no harm for the planet. If you live local to Dunboyne you can return your empty jars and bottles to be sanitised and re-used.  Any money we save in re-using these will be doubled and the value in products will be donated to a local homeless charity at Christmas. 

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