Wax Melter and Eco Soy Wax Melts Set

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Our wonderful eco soy wax chakra melts will truly uplift your soul and bring a warm, relaxing aroma to any room. The essential oil blends chosen with care will uplift and refresh your surroundings and each individual blend is chosen to balance our chakras (energy centres within the body)

Wax melts are a great instant fragrance with no wick. They are renowned for filling a room with a strong fragrance because they don’t come into direct contact with a flame and so they absorb heat slowly and release fragrance without burning the oils.

Approx. 12 hours burn time with each melt.

All 7 chakra melts come with one of our beautiful oil and wax melt burners.  Black iron geometric style stand, with a white ceramic dish.  Stylish and neat and perfect for these wax melts or essential oils dropped into water.

Crown (destress) -  lavender, may chang, neroli
Third eye (focus) - rosemary, lemon, lavender
Throat (decongestant) - peppermint, orange, eucalyptus
Heart (love & peace) - rosewood, neroli, bergamot
Solar plexus (soothing) - lemongrass, lavender
Sacral (sensual & enchanting) - geranium, orange, ylang-ylang
Root (grounding) - cedarwood  & grapefruit


Please note these oil burners are for use with small tea light candles only. Using larger tea lights or candles could result in the ceramic dish shattering as the flame is too close.

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