Natural Beauty Care for Dry Sensitive Skin - A Customer's Testimonial

Posted by Barbara McAteer on

"I have known Barbara for a few years now from when she started making her products, and I can honestly say that since using Josie's Botanicals range, my skin always feels nourished.  

So thank you, Barbara! 

As the ingredients in Josie's Botanical are 100% natural I have never had any sort of reaction from any of the products and believe me I’ve tried them all!  I have a combination of sensitive and very dry skin.  I love Ireland but the weather does not suit my dark skin and as a result it dries it out quite a bit.  The Josie's Botanicals range really helps combat this!


For my skin and my skincare routine I typically would apply some   Organic Cleansing Balm leave it for a couple of mins to feed my skin (I also use this as a night cream too, her products are so versatile!)  After I would wash this off in a steamy shower doing my face last for the steam and the Cleansing Balm to work their magic together.  However, if I’m in a rush I wipe my face with some cotton pads to remove any dirt, then spritz myself with some of the Refreshing Skin Tonic, followed by her Antioxidant Skin Serum to seal in the moisture of the tonic.  I just love this combination!

I can never leave the house without moisturising, I particularly find her ultra-hydrating Organic Body Butter an essential part of my everyday routine.  Not only does it smell fantastic with notes of grapefruit, neroli, and rosewood, it is the holy grail to keeping me moisturised all day long, no matter the weather conditions because of its nourishing ingredients such as Shea butter and jojoba oil.  The body butter goes with me everywhere, on holidays and camping trips. It’s such a versatile staple.  My skin just soaks it up leaving it feeling soft and supple without feeling oily. It honestly works like magic and I always get asked what am I using for my skin! 

If you asked me which one of my Josie's Botanical product is my favourite I couldn’t choose in all honestly.  Although, I must admit, at the moment I’m a little bit obsessed with the Heart Chakra blend from the Chakra Body, Bath & Massage Oil collection.  Some days this may be the only product I use and it still works on keeping my body fully hydrated as well as smelling divine!  Oh my does it smell so unbelievably good!!

My favourite thing about all of Josie's Botanicals products is that they are all so versatile and all equally nourishing, each product from the skincare range can be used on all parts of the body to feed, heal and moisturise the skin!
I truly love them all"

Esther Akingbade


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