Skin Transformation with Josies Botanicals - Feedback from a happy customer!

Posted by Barbara McAteer on

We are so delighted to see such a beautiful transformation for lovely Sarah from using my Josie's Botanicals natural skincare over the past couple of months.The raw ingredients and what I put into each blend to create my products is my top priority and my focus is always on skin repair and renewal.

One of my main ethos for my products is to help bring your skin back into balance and return it to a glowing healthy state with a skincare routine provided by nature, so you can feel as good as you look and ready to take on the world and its challenges.

Sarah has been using our Organic Cleansing Balm, followed by our Hydrating Moisturiser in the morning and Nourishing Night Cream to complete her evening skin care routine. In the photos below you can clearly see the transformation as a result of using our products....... 


"Barbara has designed the most beautiful range of skincare.
I have very sensitive skin and break out so easily but when I started using Josie's Botanicals my skin cleared right up.
I even got my boyfriend on her lovely skincare range.

Every product I have used is so delicate and light. It always soaks so easily into your skin, never leaving oily heavy residue which is what I love.

The night cream is super nourishing and fresh.
I absolutely love the cleanser and the moisturiser to apply after.
My skin always feels so fresh and clean.
Barbara is also extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I absolutely love getting my gorgeous deliveries from her. ♥️♥️"

Sarah one of our lovely customers and founder of Hula Headspace 


Hearing and seeing skin transformations like Sarah's from using our products is the main inspiration to why I create healing and nourishing natural skin care.

As Sarah also mentioned our skin care is not just for women and we have an equally wonderful Mens Body Care range available online too.  

Thank you for sharing Sarah!