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Healing Herbal Teas - High Grade Loose-Leaf  - Beauty Oolong Tea | Josie's Botanicals
Healing Herbal Teas - High Grade Loose-Leaf  - Creamy Lavender Earl Grey | Josie's Botanicals
Healing Herbal Tea's
Healing Herbal Tea's
Healing Herbal Tea's


Healing Herbal Tea's


is bursting with immune-boosting ingredients that give an all-over boost to the body; melissa, liquorice, heather, green mate, ginger, cloves and cardamom. It's a real healing powerhouse.

Sea of Tranquillity

In this fast-paced crazy world, we all get stressed and overwhelmed. The combination of ingredients in sea of tranquillity are designed to relax and restore the mind. Sea of tranquillity is also 100% certified Organic.


This gorgeous ooh-la-long brew has 86% high-grade oolong tea with Goji berries and strawberries. Oolong tea has many health benefits and with added goji berries it packs quite a powerful punch in the tea world, great for skin and hair amongst other things.

Sweet Dreamzzz

Does exactly what it says on the tin. The addition of Valerian root, chamomile, melissa and lavender flowers make this a powerful combination to aid in a restful nights sleep. Peppermint is added to soothe the stomach and ease any digestion discomfort. Its also fully certified organic.


This wonderful blend is the ultimate detox in a cup packed to the brim with powerful rejuvenating and detoxifying ingredients and the bonus is it actually tastes delicious.

London Fog 

An elegant Creamy lavender earl grey, Smooth and comforting with a pleasant vanilla backdrop that's practically perfect in every way. 

(These wonderful, high grade loose-leaf teas are in 50gm pouches and make approx. 18 cups of tea).

Also available to buy with this product are the perfect tea infusers in 2 sizes see online shop for details.