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❤️ Dancing Cheek to Cheek 🎶

❤️ Dancing Cheek to Cheek 🎶

This great duo is a perfect gift of nourishing love for the favourite man in your life at Valentines. 

❤️ Men's Hair & Beard Oil - A therapeutic and enriching blend of high grade carrier oils along with a refreshing essential oil blend, nourishing and hydrating for the beard, hair and scalp.  Beard Oil nourishes the hair to make it softer and more manageable and helps the beard to grow. It helps prevent beard itch and dandruff and is healing for the skin underneath. Used as a hair oil it tames dry or flyaway hair.

❤️ Hydrating Moisturiser (30gm) - An ultra-hydrating moisturiser packed full of plant-based ingredients, antioxidants and essential oils to brighten, restore and minimize skin imperfections. With essentail oil blend of Mandarin & Cedarwood 


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