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❤️ Cherish 🎶
❤️ Cherish 🎶
❤️ Cherish 🎶

❤️ Cherish 🎶

 A wonderful selection of our skin care teamed with one of our limited edition essential oil blend candles in a beautiful decorative bubble glass jar. 

❤️ Heavenly Bath Salts - Skin enriching and detoxifying with 5 wonderful choices in this beautiful blend, which can also be used as a fantastic body scrub with oil added as well as an amazing foot soak if you don't use a bath.

❤️ Glowing Naturally Face Mask & Brush Set - Choose from a beautiful range of healing and detoxifying face masks which comes with one of our face mask brushes.  

❤️ Hydrating Moisturiser - An ultra-hydrating moisturiser packed full of plant-based ingredients, antioxidants and essential oils to soften and balance and leave the skin plumped and glowing. Suitable for all skin types. 

❤️ Essential Oil Candle - Lemongrass, lavender, rosewood and orange with a rose quartz heart inset - 150gm (30 hr burn time).

❤️This set also comes with a gorgeous mini bouquet made especially for Josie's Botanicals by Lily's Field in Co. Carlow.

Trrat yourself or your loved one with a truly pampering, relaxing and nourishing giftset.